California Wood Floors


A phone conversation with Lori is better than a double espresso. Lori's positivity and vitality is infectious. She loves her work, loves the people and the product—and knows it well. In an ideal world, Lori would have several homes, each with different style wood floors. Forced to choose one, she would go with reclaimed wood in any width, so long as it has a good story behind it. Before joining our company early in 2011, Lori worked at Richard Marshall Fine Flooring. She also “comes from a long line of passionate woodworkers and engineers from the greater Northwest.” Hiking, biking, and exploring the Northern California coast are high on Lori’s list of favorite things. During the week, Lori takes what she thinks of as road trips, representing CWF throughout California.

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Lori Lindersmith
Lori Lindersmith
Infinite Possibilities. Impeccable Craftmanship.
The beauty of a wood floor truly lies in the details.

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