California Wood Floors


Kevin was born in Limerick, Ireland. In school, he gravitated toward woodworking and technical drawing and helped his woodworking teacher renovate the city’s old buildings. After emigrating from Limerick to San Francisco at 19, Kevin studied carpentry and gained experience in the high-end construction industry. He brings his technical expertise and knowledge of wood’s myriad characteristics to every project, helping clients find exactly the right materials for their project. Outside of work, Kevin pursues his passion for the outdoors from rock climbing in Yosemite to racing his mountain bike in Costa Rica. Kevin lives in San Francisco with his wife Meegan, daughter Camille and his son Cian. Kevin believes in his vision for California Wood Floors. “We’re always competing with ourselves to come up with better colors, better textures, and innovative ways of looking at floors. We want our clients to be as excited by the end result as we are.”

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Kevin Hussey
Kevin Hussey
Infinite Possibilities. Impeccable Craftmanship.
The beauty of a wood floor truly lies in the details.

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